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­­❉ Flawed? Politically incorrect? Well, duh. But there’s still a lot to enjoy and admire. “Fan insecurity demands that all the perceived flaws of a story have to be exposed and magnified and explained and apologised for before the Common Herd is allowed to enjoy. I am here to say nonsense. The Tomb of the Cybermen is enjoyable entertainment…

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Why Bill Potts Proves Positive LGBT+ Representation Matters

The Time Ladies

On 31st March 2017, actress Pearl Mackie announced in an interview with BBC News that her character, Bill Potts, would be Doctor Who’s first openly gay companion. Although Captain Jack, played by John Barrowman was pansexual (or omnisexual meaning aliens and robots are fair game!), he wasn’t a full-time companion so this was a big milestone in the show’s 53 year history.

Steven Moffat and the team didn’t make any fuss about it in any way, Pearl mentioned the character’s sexuality in an interview with BBC News, they ran with the story and it blew up. The media made a fuss because LGBT+ representation in film & TV isn’t yet commonplace and Bill being the show’s first out and proud lesbian companion was a big milestone for the show; it was newsworthy.

Within the show, being gay isn’t a big deal to Bill herself but in the real world…

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‘Directed by Douglas Camfield’ reviewed — We Are Cult

❉ The life of one of British TV’s greatest directors. “Michael Seely clearly admires his subject, diving into what records are available to give us the story of Douglas’ life. The same approach is taken for each part of his career, with Seely’s painstaking work giving us an unusually detailed picture of each production.” I…

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